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    Default Foudre by Pierre Guillaume

    I'm not finding much at all in the way of reviews about this one, so I thought I'd see if anyone on this site has it and what they think of it. I like what I read on fragrantica about it.

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    Default Re: Foudre by Pierre Guillaume

    I happen the own all 8 from this line and Foudre is perhaps among my favorites along with Mojito Chypre . Foudre is a very nice woody musky scent which performs surprisingly well.
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    Default Re: Foudre by Pierre Guillaume

    Apologies for the copy/paste from my blog, but here was my take:

    Taking for inspiration the smell of champaca flowers just before a storm, Foudre (Eng. lightning) is a highly textured scent composed around two principal materials. The first, extending from the head- through the heart-notes is Robertetís Champaca Olessence: a fractionated distillation (rather than the traditional concrŤte) whose delicate floral odour displays facets of apricot jam, lemony magnolia and honied rose. Supporting this, and apparent through the entire evaporation curve, is the spicy, musky, woody, wet-concrete scent of Cashmeran dosed at the sort of levels Iíve not noticed since Maurice Roucelís Dans tes Bras, where it was used at a massive 25%. As the latterís name suggests, the molecule has a certain human quality to it and in the base of Foudre this is accentuated with a blend sensuous musks.
    The concept is both modern and beautiful, but to my nose the Cashmeran is just too assertive and does the champaca a real disservice. Were I able, I would reduce the former, allowing the floral accord to play a larger part. If it didnít turn the whole composition too citrusy, I would also consider dialling up the Aldemone for its ozonic note (or look for another ozonic material) since this would better capture the sense of an impending thunderstorm. From others in the line, Guillaume has shown himself skilled at doing the ozonic thing and I wonder why he was so restrained here.
    Saying all this reflects my slight disappointment in what I perceive as the disconnect between the promise extended on the inside of the sample jacket and what my nose and brain tell me; had I tested Foudre completely blind, I would certainly have perceived it differently.
    tl;dr - the champaca gets buried beneath an overdose of Cashmeran.

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    Default Re: Foudre by Pierre Guillaume

    Will try it but will not go out of my way.
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