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    Default Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    I recall trying Rose Oud by Kilian, but I had to roll my eyes at the price tag. Hopefully this is a decent alternative for the sweet rose/saffron thing I'm looking for.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    This seems to be well liked by many Basenoters here and my guess is you'll probably like it also for the very reason you're considering it - the rose and saffron mix. I'm in the minority as I tried it but didn't care for it.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    Had a small sample once and debated purchasing a bottle. Never did, but I think it's a good composition. Just that there's other middle eastern rose/orientals that caught my attention.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    I don't get much saffron from this one, to me styrax is a dominating not giving it a bit of an animalic vibe. The overall impression to me is balsamic, incensy and rose. While the latter sometimes behaves shy and on other days being the star of the show. I was disappointed by all by Kilians I have tried, and I think Rose Oud was one of them but couldn't even recall its smell.
    Calligraphy Rose is worth a try, definitely.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    I like it but I might prefer Ferrari's Essence Oud, and then it's a question of how many of these do you want? I'm glad I have them both but at some point I might move one of them out.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    Blind bought this a while back.

    I don't understand the hype. Really nothing too special. Way too balsamic, powdery and feminine to me. It doesn't come close to Rose Oud - even considering the price difference. If you are looking to scratch the Rose Oud itch at a much lower price, I think you would probably want to look elsewhere.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    I think it's a nice sweet rose/myrrh combo. Yes, it smells somewhat feminine but a guy can pull it off if you are looking for a cheapie.

    A very good Rose/Oud combo is Gold Rose Oud by Tiziana Terenzi. It's an extrait strength and quite reasonable. Sample this if you haven't.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    You may want to check out Calligraphy Saffron. Seems to be more of what you're looking for. Still has a touch of rose with a nice saffron note.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    Calligraphy Rose reminds me a lot of Portrait of a Lady. It's a similar style, but with a big powdery accord.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    I blind bought this, and while it is decent, it isn't really a substitute for the by Kilian fragrance. I don't find the rose that sweet in this; it comes across a bit dusty or stuffy to me. NY Oud from Bond is a good sweet rose scent, but I'm not sure if the price is that much lower than the Kilian offering.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Calligraphy Rose by Aramis?

    It is an excellent rose composition that does have saffron in it. The saffron is nowhere near as prominent as the rose or incense, however. I don't know if you will consider it a straight substitute for the By Killian, but it is definitely a strong alternative at a much more appealing price point.
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