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    Default Biggest Big Money Mistake

    What fragrance do you regret the most spending big money on? Maybe it never lived up to your expectations. Maybe you tired of it quickly. But overall it was just a waste of money.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    I wouldn't call this purchase a waste of money... I really wanted to be wowed by Guerlain's Tonka Imperiale, but it just didn't have the projection or sillage I was expecting.
    It's a beautiful scent but at $260 for the bottle at Nordstrom's I was banking on getting a real vanilla powerhouse. If I had to buy it again, I'd probably spend that $260 on a Profumum Roma or more Parfums de Marly selections which are much bigger fragrances in that department.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    I once paid full retail for one of my favorite Creeds (BdG) and that very day it was pinched from my locker at what prides itself on being one of LA's oldest and finest clubs. If one of the staff stole it, that is bad, but if a fellow member stole it--even worse in some ways. My regret had nothing to do with the purchase (I went right back and replaced it to the SA's surprise/pleasure) but with not spinning the combination on the lock of my locker.... It was the most expensive workout of my life.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    I have no regrets with any of my big money or small money purchases over the four decades I have enjoyed fragrances - not a one.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Creed MI - lasted 60-90 mins with absolutely no projection (2-3 diff bottles), b4 I gave up & sold them off...

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Versace Eros, by far! I heard so many good things that I went ahead and bought it blindly. Got home and I realized I wasn't a big fan of the smell. However, I wore it a few times because people supposedly loved it, however, this wasn't the case either. I only put on one spray and I got a few negative reviews from a few girls. I must say though, it has GREAT silage and longevity, however, I only wish other fragrances that I like were as potent lol

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    I dont think I have such a fragrance which can be called as "mistake" for spending money. Some were not meeting the expectations but I cannot count them on mistake side.

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Not big money as such but full rrp which I consider a total waste.

    Day trip to Glasgow and in Penhaligons, Castile had just been released, I was in a rush to get back to the coach. Loved the top notes and just grabbed a full 100mls bottle paid and headed home. First day of wearing discovered neroli and I are not friends but actually hate each other. It just got stronger and stronger and stronger, people half way down the street could smell me coming. I gave away very quickly and never ever bought a neroli based fragrance again. People are shocked at how strong neroli gets on my skin. Orange Blossom I am fine with.

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Went on a shopping spree in Paris April 2012 for a week. It was a perfume week holiday. Was really happy with almost everything I bought except Montale. Was a waste of over a 1,200 euros. The service was shocking, they mixed up the samples, the uninformed SA's were so pushy and the final straw when I asked for a receipt they said their machines were broken. Have kept two bottles to remind me not to go down that path again. Call them *my shiny happy people perfumes* as I laugh at it now. Should have just stayed in Serge Lutens, MDCI or Le sens Unique or Malle.

    A year later went on a binge in Penhaligons that I don't really like that much. But will wear them occasionally.

    Did the same with Lalique ....have kept about 8-10......but I don't wear them as often as I should.

    Am now wary.....the test before you buy is a good rule ( I certainly was sniffing) ...but now I think about how often will I wear this. What's so special about this perfume.

    The fragrances that are fairly high price like Vera Kern and Xerjoff I wear and enjoy.

    Would not buy Creed Spring Flowers again.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    A couple of Nasomatto's that I tried to convince myself I liked but ended up giving away

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    No big money purchases gone wrong here, but there are quite a few low to mid price fragrances that were not quite the best choices regarding their value, their quality for money

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Amouage Journey. Sent it back though.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Amouage Gold extrait. I loved the edp and thought the extrait would be even more extraordinary. Instead it turned into an asphyxiating powder bomb that I found unwearable. I swapped it as soon as I could.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    I've been lucky. I've dropped big money on discontinued perfume when I was getting it slightly below the going rate so I could sell it on without a loss if I needed to, and each time I've just kept it.

    For regular retail pricing, I tired of my $80 bottle of Bleu de Chanel edt after about 20 ml.

    Anytime I buy the wrong volume, I regret it.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Roj Dove Aoud - bought it blind and was underwhelmed.

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    None. If big money is involved I always make a point of sampling thoroughly beforehand in order to eliminate or confirm any potential doubt.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Xerjoff 1861 Renaissance

    The note pyramid and reviews had me positive that I'd love it, but there was a particular note that just killed it for me.

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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Plum Japonaise. I like it but it cost way too much and it is redundant in my collection.
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    Default Re: Biggest Big Money Mistake

    Opus VI

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