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    Default Longer lasting TF Rive d'Ambre

    I really love this scent, but I wore it this morning (3 sprays) and within 2 hours it was completely gone. Reading reviews this seems to be a common problem.

    Any recommendations for similar scents that last longer? Can't justify the $$ for a fragrance that won't even last me a few hours.


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    Default Re: Longer lasting TF Rive d'Ambre

    Perhaps Amber by Franck Boclet
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    Default Re: Longer lasting TF Rive d'Ambre

    Does it seem to you to be mostly an amber, or mostly an orange scent? Because it can vary wildly depending on chemistry, and I find the Orange note to be very high profile.

    If orange is what you're after, try Atelier's Orange Sanguine?
    If Amber, maybe Amber 114 from Histoire de Parfums?

    Honestly, I'm hoping someone else has a better answer because I have the same conundrum: love this scent, hate the longevity.

    (Looking up Hednic's suggestion now.)
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    Default Re: Longer lasting TF Rive d'Ambre

    I bought this last fall because I love the scent so much. I can easily smell it after 5-6 hours, but it certainly sits close to the body. I spray under my clothes and away from my face.

    I don't know of anything that would act as a substitute for this gem. You may want to carry around a 5 ml atomizer of it and reapply every few hours. That is a better solution in my opinion than spending time and money trying to find an adequate replacement.
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    Default Re: Longer lasting TF Rive d'Ambre

    I definitely get a heavy dose of orange upfront but it's cut just enough with amber that it doesn't overpower me with sweetness, and then in the short dry down I absolutely love it as the citrus subsides a bit and lingers with the amber creating a great powdery/soapy scent that is just really comforting.

    I'm about to go to the gym so we'll see if all the sweat brings it back to life.

    I was digging around the forums and saw Bigarade Concentrée by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle come up a lot as potential replacement. I'm swinging by Barney's tomorrow evening to try out some other scents, so i'll just add this to this list and report back.

    I may just end up buying a bottle of Rive and as was suggested keeping a small atomizer on me, I've loved having the 1ml sample bottle on me all day today and re-upping every 3-4 hours.

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    Default Re: Longer lasting TF Rive d'Ambre

    The Freferic Malle didn't cut it, it just smelled like pure orange peel.

    The closest thing I found yesterday was Jo Malone Cologne Intense: Oud & Bergamot ($170 for 100ml). Really enjoyed the smell, a bit more in your face than Rive D'Ambre but very similar notes. However I soaked a card with 3-4 sprays of it, and within 1-2 hours of walking around downtown SF the card had almost no scent remaining, so I worry about longevity with it as well. Will need to grab a sample and try it on my skin.

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