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Thread: New creed info

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    Default New creed info

    Hey folks ,

    Just wanted to pass on some news in the world of Creed. They are officially opening up another Boutique at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas! The grand opening looks to be the 24th of March. Also the Royal Exclusive collection of Spice and Wood and Pure White Cologne will be available in 14K Gold etching. I was also told they will be available in 2.5 ounce by the fall. It has also be confirmed that Aventus for women will be launched by Christmas 2016. Below is the information for the new boutique.

    Creed Boutique Las Vegas
    Ceasars Palace
    The Forum Shops

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    Default Re: New creed info

    Good info. Thanks.

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    Default Re: New creed info

    Sweet! Another reason to go back to Vegas!
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    Thanks for the info Checker. I'll be visiting both NY and Las Vegas this summer. Hope I get to visit both Creed stores.

    I smell another Aventus sub-forum coming hahahah
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    Thanks!! Great info
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    Appreciate the info.
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