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    Default Creed announces its second North American boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada (Caesar's Palace)

    by Creed Boutique
    March 18th, 2016


    This month, The House of Creed announces its second North American boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada, located in the dazzling Forum Shops in Caesars Palace, known for the bounty of the world’s most opulent specialty and coveted designer boutiques and now The House of Creed.

    This freestanding glass shopping experience in the epicenter of Las Vegas caters to global aficionados who love travel and opulent scents. Upon entering the shop, clients can explore Creed’s rich history since 1760. Two private areas within the boutique will offer proper fragrance sessions educating shoppers about the legacy of the brand and sure to be a client favorite.

    Traveling to Vegas soon?
    We’ve partnered with Creed Connoisseur and man-about-town, Troy Alexander to give us a glimpse into a Gentleman’s Guide to Las Vegas through the eyes of the Creed loyalist.

    First up – after you book your flight, where is the best place to stay?
    I have a few favorite hotel properties. First, the Mandarin Oriental, the only Forbes triple 5-star luxury hotel at the heart of the Vegas strip. Or the luxurious Aria Resort & Casino and the iconic Caesars Palace – which should be on the top of everyone’s list. That’s where notable entertainers from Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Elton John, Bette Midler and Celine Dion have performed. I’ve heard some of those giants are some of the original Creed Connoisseurs, but the brand doesn’t spritz and tell.

    Sounds like luxury to us. Where are the best places to play?

    The Creed gentleman loves a grand casino and you’d find him at the high roller tables of Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Poker. You’d spot him at the Bellagio and the Wynn Hotel and Resort, where he feels lucky.

    So chips in one hand and what kind of drink in the other?

    While he’s playing, I can see him sipping a Macallan single malt scotch whisky 18 or a glass of Salon Cuvee S Le Mesnil Blanc de Blanc champagne after he hit it big.

    Where is he scoring the best table to dine with his friends?

    His restaurants are certainly the ones with the best menus, finest chefs and perfect tables. Definitely Le Cirque, located in the Bellagio, Mr. Chow or Nobu, both located in Caesars Palace.

    Walk the town or ride in style?

    The Creed gentleman arrives in Las Vegas in style. I’m picturing a Bentley Fly Spur that projects a contemporary, sporting look with crisp lines. Always eye-catching, yet retains the appropriate level of sophistication, which makes the Flying Spur the world’s finest luxury sedan, a match made in heaven.

    And what Creed scent is he wearing?

    The possibilities are endless, but I would say the confident gent who knows he will strike it big is wearing Aventus, a timeless man taking in the sights is wearing Green Irish Tweed, and the fashionable guy who has an outfit prepared for each day is wearing Royal Mayfair. To narrow it down I suggest every man stop by the boutique and allow the team to help them find a signature scent that’s right for them.

    In the words of Oliver Creed, “Fragrance is an art, like sculpture, like symphony, like cuisine, a creative endeavor. Smelling a fragrance you love changes the way you feel.” And in Vegas, everyone feels good.


    DrJeff's take: Real men are not defined by what a fashionista says. Fun article, but real men do it their own way.
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    Default Re: Creed announces its second North American boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada (Caesar's Palace)

    The picture of the boutique looks nice.
    Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticize the content of a post - criticizing the poster is not.
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    Default Re: Creed announces its second North American boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada (Caesar's Palace)

    Agree, hednic! I would really enjoy seeing it and possibly participating in one of the educational sessions. Would be most enjoyable!
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