I was just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this one for me.

I've seen (and bought) current Kouros "Travel Selection" giftboxes for sale at various discounters. They don't seem all that common, but they do exist. I bought mine from a very reputable discounter.

Mine looks like this:

What is actually the story with these? Both the EdT and the shower gel are 100ml. Which I believe greatly exceeds the limits for most toiletries/liquid bottle permitted by most airlines. Most I've checked 50ml is the maximum bottle size allowed. So why the "Travel Selection"?

Also, on mine the box is stamped with a batch code.. but it's entirely different to the batch code (regular sticky label) on the underside of the bottle of EdT.

I checked out both codes. The one on the box was unrecognisable by the check I used. However, the batch code on the bottle indicates it was manufactured in January 2015.

Just wondering about these "Travel Selections".. Their purpose. How common they are. Any differences to the regular shop line product. Why the batch code on the box differs to the one on the bottle..