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    Default Rasasi True Nature

    Just a brief description of a fragrance that I came across recently.

    Rasasi True Nature is very lush and opulent blend of notes that many of you know very well through such respected and long-established creations, as Oscar De La Renta Pour Lui and One Man Show by Bogart. Of course, True Nature is fine-tuned to the modern tastes, so imagine this is an ODLRPL smelling somewhat more contemporary and modern. And - RICHER and deeper at the same time, if that makes sense (this is EDP). Plus, it has better separation of notes (for better or worse), and its longevity and projection is another level altogether.

    I would keep this bottle to myself as I love those fragrances dearly, but I already have them, so not much of a point of having another one from this class (I exchanged it for Xtraordinaire Musky).

    Just a little piece of info in case someone will see this on a shelf sealed, so you would know that this is a really great classic 80-s style powerhouse sitting there dressed in oriental khalat.
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    Default Re: Rasasi True Nature

    Nice description man, will try it on next visit.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Rasasi True Nature

    Thanks for the description. I'll give it a try!

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    Default Re: Rasasi True Nature

    Was looking for reviews of this, as I came across this and very helpful, mate! thanks

    Planning to buy it
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