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Thread: An Onda moment.

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    Cool An Onda moment.

    Sampling my way through the Vero Onda's. Today I'm trying the Voile d'Extrait (EDP on the way from Luckyscent) and I'm really digging this. I demand my husband smell my arm. Normally when I find something I like and demand he take a whiff, he says it smells "powdery." Nope, it doesn't, but whatever. If I like it I'll buy it. But this one he says "ooooo, nice." Great! So I tell him I want it for my birthday.

    "How much?"

    "$250 for 50 mL."

    "Do they have a 25 mL option?"



    "But I've ordered a sample of the EDP which I've read is even more animalic and it's only $200 for 50 mL."

    "<sigh> OK."

    Regardless, once I've smelled them all I'll have my favorite version of this urinous, makeup-y Red Vine wonder one way or the other

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    Quote Originally Posted by spooneb View Post
    Great! So I tell him I want it for my birthday.
    Hopefully you'll have your birthday wish fulfilled.
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    Excellent gift idea. Dry leather, with some animalics. I have the extrait (didn't exist the voile back then). Curious to hear your assessment on the differences.


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    It's a terrific piece of work.

    I like all three versions but ended up buying the EdP - the passionfruit kick up front is a blast and just seems to make the whole thing work here in 30+c / 99% humidity summer months.
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    Default Re: An Onda moment.

    I recently handled a long-ago emptied Perfumed Court Onda EdP sample in effort to recycle decant bottles for other fragrances and oils; the residual smell of Onda persisted through a vinegar wash, and being too strong to house new fragrances or oils, I had to throw that emptied decant bottle away. Onda EdP would never, ever be my style, and even if it were, I'd still have to contend with a strange physically "constricting" reaction I apparently have to something in it's composition...but goodness, it's potent!, always a plus if it is "becoming" on you.
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