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    Question Can anyone identify these bottles and tray?

    Picked these up at a local pawn broker and there doesnt seem to be any marks on them anywhere. The filigree on the bottles is particularly delicate, the dauber stem is glass, they have a painted disk in the filigree topper and the bottom of the tray is felt. Seems to be brass with "amethyst" handles on the tray.
    I can't find anything like them on ebay or google reverse image search. I would guess their from the 40's possibly. Hubby thinks older - the '20's.
    Can anyone here help me identify what we have? One bottle does still have a bit of perfume in it but its stopper is stuck and I don't want to force it obviously.
    Thank you! IMG_3855.jpgIMG_3857.jpgIMG_3856.jpg

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    Default Re: Can anyone identify these bottles and tray?

    These are very pretty, but it's hard to tell from the photos. They could be as late as from the 1970s when they had "retro" designs.

    Maybe someone else can chime in?
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    Default Re: Can anyone identify these bottles and tray?

    I wouldn't think a mirror in that good a condition would be too old (unless it was replaced of course), plus the metal would show more signs of ageing/patina. I agree with Primrose that it was made to look old.

    Still very pretty though.
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    Default Re: Can anyone identify these bottles and tray?

    Sorry I can't offer any help... It's possible that these are bottles intended to hold perfume that were bought "aftermarket" for presentation. Given the detail and artistry, I'd say that they could be from the 20's-30's... Once again, just a guess... Are there any markings at all on the bottles? A stamp of some sort, perhaps?

    It bears some similarity to this bottle (the filigree)... This seems to fit the era.
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    Default Re: Can anyone identify these bottles and tray?

    Based on what I'm seeing in the Antique Trader Perfume Bottle Price Guide, I'd guess 1950's. That seems to be the decade they ascribe this style of bottle. As far as an identification, you're probably not going to get one. I've never seen one attributed to a particular artist or company. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it would be extremely difficult to find the information because I don't think anyone is keeping track.

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    Default Re: Can anyone identify these bottles and tray?

    It combines enemal painting (hand made, obviously) with guilloché (machine made due to the precision). How big are the bottles? It looks like the guilloché pattern isn't too fine, which could be a clue. Could you take a detailed picture of the grasps? The cutting of the stones could be another clue to guess the age.
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    Default Re: Can anyone identify these bottles and tray?

    OP - Were you ever able to find where these originated from or what they were?
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