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    Hello everybody, I happen to find this page online and I intrigue with the line of fragances and fragances kit where you can made your own, did any body try, own or know about any of this fragances, They have the Murano Collection, Murano Exclusive, Nobil Homo, Museum Collection and the Perfumer Kit, so a few fragances any info about quality, performance, sillage more than welcome , Im not been able to find any reviews about this, Thanks to everybody.

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    I'm working my way through a few samples. So far, I've not been impressed.
    Sultan Leather was a standard saffron and dark woods affair; Ottoman Amber seems to use an oud base I've smelt plenty of times before.

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    I've smelled a few of the things of the house when I was in Italy. They have way too many perfumes. I enjoyed smelling many of them, but none was a big love. They seem to do best ambery-woody stuff. My sister gave me one from the single material line, woods, I believe, which is very enjoyable and right for the price. I remember noticing a saffron one in the regular collections (perhaps Byzantium saffron), but I think the saffron sadly didn't last too long.

    The brand is owned by the descendants of the successful creator of Pino silvestre (who probably don't own this anymore-not sure), who have created a perfume museum in Venice and opened a nice store there in an old farmacy. But instead of going towards the cheap and effective philosophy of Pino Silvestre, they seem to go for the fancyish market segment.


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    Default Re: The Merchant of Venice

    I've never heard of this line. What do the bottles look like?
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    Tried a few of these when I was last in Venice and Murano. Beautiful bottles and a plethora of scents.
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    I have never seen the bottles in the US, I have only seen them ina couple of places in Italy. Some bottles are nice Murano-type glasses. The simpler collection of materials has roundish red metal bottles.

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