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    Default Sergio Tacchini's Club Intense - an odd "tobacco scent."

    The notes for this 2015 release are: "bergamot, black pepper and basil; middle notes are nutmeg, cypress and tobacco; base notes are amber, patchouli and cedar. "

    I saw the notes listed and the low prices so I went ahead with a blind buy - it looks like I may be the first online person to review this! First the good; it smells nice and it's not "chemical." It also has very good longevity (two sprays to the chest), and the sprayer works well. The bad is that it's not strong and the blend is "tight" (so that you don't get well-articulated notes) and a bit "synthetic" (meaning that I don't think you'll ever say something like, "wow that's a really natural tobacco note" while wearing this one, unless it's about someone else's scent!). And don't expect much depth here. I think with this kind of scent it's best to spray more than usual but let it waft up (don't smell it close up on the skin). I'll wear it again and spray twice as much to see how that works out, then report back. You could certainly wear this one to the office or school, and it should work in all but very hot or very cold weather. Perhaps this is the best one can expect with what IFRA is "suggesting," for this kind of scent, going forward!

    100 ml tester bottles are about $10 at Scentedmonkey.
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