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    Default Buying from non-Dutch website, tax & customs fees?

    Does anyone here have any experience with buying from US websites or sites from other countries in general? I see that custom fees are applied to any purchase over 22 Euro, but also that tax fees are applied for products containing alcohol? Would that include EdTs?

    I really want to order a couple of samples from, but it's only doable if taxes do not apply...

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    Default Re: Buying from non-Dutch website, tax & customs fees?

    you might need to contact Myperfumessamples first, they might list it as gift, or if it is below that 22 euro's, it won't cost you taxes. In case you DO have to pay taxes, it will cost you "inklaringskosten" (administration costs I think) as well, and that might be 16 euro on top of the taxes.

    Since I had that bad experience with high costs, I am hesitated to buy from the US

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