I thought I would post this here for information purposes as I have read countless times that La Nuit was reformulated and the 2015 bottles are watered down etc. I own a 2013 bottle and have seen the newer lighter colored 2015 bottle. I found a 95% full bottle on eBay from a trusted seller I buy from often and purchased it not knowing when it was produced.

It arrived and I compared it to my 2013 bottle, identical darker bottle, identical colored juice, Identical cap weight etc. but most importantly identical performance in a blind test for both me and my wife. So you can imagine my surprise when I ran the batch code and got 4/2015! I am 100% certain this is not the light colored bottle/juice that everyone seems to associate with a 2015 reformulation. Apparently the reformulation we all know about had to have taken place after 4/2015, many of the posts I read on here thought it was some point late 2014.

This info may be important to some members so I thought I would share it.