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    Default House of Sillage DIGNIFIED ??

    What say you about the house and or the frag Dignified?

    Stumbled onto them and can't find any info or opinions??
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    Default Re: House of Sillage DIGNIFIED ??

    Dignified? I don't know about that. I have tried #1 & #2 for men and they were fine. Their presentation (especially the womens line) is awful (IMO)
    I saw that!!

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    Default Re: House of Sillage DIGNIFIED ??

    This week I received samples of HOS No.1 and No.2, they're quite nice but way too expensive. No.1 is like a more complex version of YSL M7, more herbal and medicinal. No.2 was a standard fragrance with citrus, musk and vetiver.

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    Default Re: House of Sillage DIGNIFIED ??

    I have all four bottles of the men's scents - Dignified,No. 1, 2, & 3. They are all extremely nice scents.
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    Default Re: House of Sillage DIGNIFIED ??

    I have sampled Dignified, HOS N.001 & 002. All three were just average. Had my hopes up, but in the end just another batch of over priced - over hyped frags.

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