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    Default Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    so guys. i've just found a grey market website, that sells Fahrenheit Absolute again for 90 € (yeah, europe). that's around 100 bucks.
    obviously, i can't sample the scent, but i like it's note list. myrrh, oud, violet and incense. sounds like the perfect fragrance for me.

    but i'd like to hear your opinions too. how does this compare to the original Fahrenheit (which i love too)? i don't expect it to smell similar, but does it contain the same DNA? at least at the beginning?

    Eau Sauvage Parfum for example. I LOVE that fragrance. it's very different than the original, but I can smell the same DNA at the very beginning. after that, the beautiful myrrh appears that I just LOOOVE.
    so... is the relationship of Fahrenheit EdT and Absolute the same? is the myrrh in Absolute similar to the myrrh in Eau Sauvage Parfum?

    how is it's overall quality? is it worth the 100 dollars (100ml bottle)?

    thx in advance!
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    IMO not worth the price. I sold my bottle for 40 euros and never looked back. It has almost nothing in common with original Fahrenheit except of traces of violette at opening. Overall its kinda nice masculine semi sweet and semi spicy scent which I liked at first but over time it started to turn my stomach around If you love Eau Sauvage Parfum you will probably like it but I think that if you keep looking at web you may find 50ml bottles for much cheaper.
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    To this date found nothing in it. I wear it seldom and keeping it only because it's discontinued.

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    It only has the slightest similarity to the original in the opening after which it does its own thing. I posted a thread about it a while back:

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    You may be able to sample it.

    A US-based splitter is selling small portions of it. From what I understand, they've successfully shipped to Canada, Australia, UK, Asia, India, France, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, among other places. I'm not sure where you're located (Germany, Hungary?) but from where I sit, there are eBayer's also selling decants (3ml for $7.99) and an $8 carded sample of F Absolute. But from past experience, what I see on eBay isn't what folks in the EU see.

    I bought a 10-lot of carded samples of it a while back for dirt cheap. I'll PM you.

    As for the fragrance itself, I love it. I've bought back ups of many things (foolishly), but this one I went a little nuts with (x5). I've never paid more than $0.8/ml for it, but I also spent years diligently hunting. Believe it or not, I've had the best luck on Amazon (100ml for $59), but they're few and far between. I'm sort of obsessed with Fahrenheit flankers, they're the only things I'd say I "collect" as in, buy them so I can simply own them, wearing them comes second. Absolute is my favorite scent-wise, but it's not super versatile. Fahrenheit Summer or Fahrenheit 0 Degré would fill that role. Absolute does have a little bit in common with the original, but only whispers. It's much more about a semi-gothic smoky myrrh than the violet leaf/petrol/leather of the original. I'd also say the myrrh in this is not the myrrh of Eau Sauvage Parfum. I mean, it could technically be the same AC, but it doesn't register as the same to my nose.
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    You can sample it.

    $5.99 for 1 ml

    A bit pricey for that fragrance, but it's discontinued. Ebay might be a better, cheaper alternative.

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    While being no expert, sensing little myrrh, at least very little additional myrrh in this one compared to the regular EDT, while more of a certain resinous, almost smoky leather crafted quite well and developing quite credibly while drying down.

    This being said, although well made, considering this one polarizing enough to be worth 90 EUR/around 100 USD a 100 ml bottle only for hard-line fans of the genre and thus strongly recommend sampling (admittedly, more expensive than the average price of most designer scents, still way below the costs of a full bottle) before any major purchasing decision.
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    I like it but personally I find it even harder to pull off than the original Fahrenheit.

    To me, it smells like Eau Sauvage Parfum if you replace the Bergamot with Violets. Nice scent but a bit overrated around here.

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    Has a very light trace of the original Fahrenheit DNA. The oud and the reduced violet notes changes things a bit. Makes it a slightly darker fragrance. Own and really like this one in Fall and Winter months.
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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    I prefer it to the original now (not the vintage), which has had it's balls cut off

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    Default Re: Fahrenheit ABSOLUTE help!

    Quote Originally Posted by slickadam View Post
    how is it's overall quality? is it worth the 100 dollars (100ml bottle)?
    As an owner of a bottle, I personally like it and feel it's a well made scent and was worth it for me. Can't make the call for you though.
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