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    Is anyone from Indonesia?

    I will be traveling to Jakarta next month and I will be bringing my Creeds with me. I heard that you are not allowed to bring more than a certain $ amount of goods inside the country or you will be taxed. Is this true?

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    Some airports confiscate perfume (in hand luggage) amounting to 100 ml. Don't know if your airport does that but better to just bring decants or bottles that aren't full.

    Make sure you rip off all price tags and travel without the box or with the boxes unsealed & open.

    Try not to bring things amounting to 250 USD if you are travelling alone. You can bring goods priced up to 1000 USD if you are in a group.

    If you are carrying goods containing alcohol like perfume & wine, don't carry more than a litre (put it in cargo, not hand luggage).

    Also, alcohol is taxed in Indonesia. Not sure how much but beer and wine prices can reach almost double prices compared to, say, the UK, so you probably shouldn't purchase a full bottle of wine there....

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