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    Default Whiff from Vintage Zino

    The whiff I get from vintage Zino from few hours since the initial application is absolute divine. Is this coming from a single note or combination of notes?

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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    I have a bottle of the vintage Zino, and I agree it's a great fragrance. I think it's a nice combination of notes, but I feel like the patchouli is one of the more prominent notes.

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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    It is the perfect blend of mainly rosewood, patchouli, sandalwood, lavender and vanilla.
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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    Thanks guys, perfection indeed!

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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    Can fully agree about the divine outcome/development after applying this fragrances, especially as vintage.
    And while getting single notes like rose, sandalwood, leather-civet, some exotic spice as well, it is the extremely crafty blend between these notes, very smooth, streamlined, complex and luxurious, that fully showcases its greatness.

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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    Yes--I have the Lancaster version and the notes are perfect. I always think that there is a slight headshop vibe to it--could be the patchouli--which keeps it from being too well-tailored and stuffy. Now I regret not wearing it today!
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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    I have a bottle of the original which truly is wonderful. I think it must be a combination of notes.
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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    The vintage Zino is truly sublime. One of my favorite drydowns by far.
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    Default Re: Whiff from Vintage Zino

    I've never had the pleasure

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