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Thread: Best face scrub

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    This one is fantastic

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    Neogen bio-peel gauze peeling wine

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    Menscience, Lab Series and Kyoku are the best ones I've ever used (currently using Menscience). I admit I am lucky though as my skin hasn't any particular issue, so I change my scrub quite often, just to try new ones - as long as the grains are thick and actually have a "scrubbing" effect, it's fine. I can't stand light scrubs on the contrary - the ones which seem like normal cleanser with just a subtle (useless) grainy texture.

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    I like using Cedrat by L'Occitane , it seems like a really good product for my skin. I also like to read different reviews for beauty products on The Beauty Insiders. It always helps me to find great skincare.

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    I don't scrub too often, prefer to use a mild daily wash on my face (I'm a fan of Billy Jealousy White Knights), but I ALWAYS scrub before I shave, as it tends to soften my beard. When I do, my face scrub of choice is Game Day Pre-Shave. It's a hearty exfoliant, and it features a bracing chill. It's the only scrub that leaves me feeling really clean and tingly. It's not the least expensive, and even the full size isn't huge, but it's worth every penny to me.
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    Tom Ford's energising scrub is great. It's been my absolute go to after using Rock and Roll Suicide's exfoliating scrub and I'll follow up with the Tom Ford mud mask (once a week). My skin feels firmer and tighter every time.

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    all of those mentioned have a lot of chemicals and things that can make your face break out...

    Try Malin&Goetz Jojoba exfoliating scrub or Rock n' Roll Suicide Face scrub from Triumph and Disaster......Aesop also makes a great facial scrub too...But not a lot of harsh chemicals and cheap ass ingredients in them....
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    I found one recently that I really like (and it smells good too):

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    I switched over to this one last year when Kiehl's recalled their facial fuel face scrub and I've not looked back! Love the herbal smell and it works better than the Kiehl's one in my opinion. That being said I do still use the Kiehl's facial fuel face wash after I scrub with the Acure.


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