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    Default NEW: Sisley - Izia For Women!

    Sisley has introduced Izia, a new modern rose fragrance for women.

    Izia is a fragrance that centres on the noble rose.

    This unique scent opens with radiant and sophisticated top notes before moving to a seductive floral heart.

    A woody base is softened with musk to create an assertive and sensual trail.

    The notes include bergamot, pink pepper, aldehydes, d’Ornano rose accord, transparent floral accord, angelica, cedar, amber accord and musk.

    Sisley Izia is available now at Harrods, in 30, 50 or 100 ml Eau de Parfum.
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    Default Re: NEW: Sisley - Izia For Women!

    Sounds interesting. I will watch out for it arriving at my Sisley counter when they release it to all department stores.
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    Default Re: NEW: Sisley - Izia For Women!

    Thanks for the heads-up, hednic. I keep watching this thread to see if anyone has tried it yet and their impressions. Will check the Sisley counter next sniffing trip downtown.
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    Default Re: NEW: Sisley - Izia For Women!

    I tried this in the store at the Sisley counter. I tried it on myself and the SA let me do a hefty spray on the tester paper. The scent on the tester paper lasted a good two weeks, and I kept it in my car and picked it up and each day I liked it more and more. It seemed to smell better each day. Izia has a very brash opening for me, which mellow/settled down after about 10 minutes or so and I really enjoyed the scent as the day went on. I feel I need to do another good test at the Sisley counter, as it's one I'd like to buy, but want to be absolutely sure. This would be a very good perfume to wear in an office setting.

    EDIT - I noticed in my Sisley Beauty Subscription for April, a generous Izia sample is included.
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