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    Default Perfume parlour - is it safe to use?


    I've read lots and lots of comments about the website perfume parlour and about their oils, and I'm not here to discuss their kind of merchandise from an ethical viewpoint, nor do I want to rate specific fragrances they're selling.

    I'm just wondering why almost no one has brought the question about potential health risks. Well, one person did bring it up, but it got ignored completely by everyone and the thread about PP grew longer and longer without anyone picking up on that question.

    I know that High Street perfumes often contain questionable ingredients (BHT, parabenes and others) that might have an influence on hormones or even cause cancer, and that even the undisclosed "fragrance" listed among the ingredients can contain lots of potentially harmful substances.

    So, if many expensive High Street perfumes whose ingredients are known to a certain extent are believed to be potentially harmful, what can be said about synthetic oils and parfumes sold by companies such as PP?

    I repeat, I'm not here to judge, I'm not advertising anything (I own a large collection of designer and niche fragrances, but I'm equally curious about this kind of oils, without wanting to discuss the ethical side of copying fragrances, which is another topic entirely) - nor do I say that PP is to be avoided!

    I've received my first order from PP a few days ago and I'm quite impressed by the scents that I got (I ordered oils only for the beginning), except a few bottles that I find rather disappointing when compared to what they should smell like.
    I'm just asking myself - and hereby you - whether it's a good idea to use synthetic oils on a daily basis and for a long time without knowing anything (PP doesn't list any of the ingredients, just the notes, which of course isn't the same) about potential risks.

    What's your opinion on this?
    Are the risks negligible (and please don't just tell me that if I feel insecure, I should rather buy the High Street version - because it's not just about niche fragrances being overpriced) ?
    Does anyone know more about the composition of such oils?

    I hope that I don't violate any rules by asking these questions and bringing up this topic, but I think that considering the popularity of perfume parlour on the web, someone should ask about potential health risks.

    I'm looking forward to your opinions!



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    Default Re: Perfume parlour - is it safe to use?

    *looking forward to *reading* your opinions

    (I'm sorry for any possible mistakes, I haven't had many opportunities to write in English in a while)

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    Default Re: Perfume parlour - is it safe to use?

    I'm starting to ask myself whether my question stays without replies because no one knows (or has even a vague opinion) about the components and risks of such an oil or because no one cares about it

    - or because alternatives to/copies of perfumes are kind of a taboo for many. Some seem to consider it a "sacrilege" to buy, use or even talk about "dupes". I can only repeat, I own lots of original bottles that I bought in spite of their - I guess that you'll agree - sometimes exaggerated prices. I just want to give various fragrance oils a try and I'd prefer to know about potential risks.

    In fact, I asked the same question (very politely) a few days ago in the Parfumo-community and that not only got my post deleted, but also myself banned - without any explanation whatsoever, which startled me quite a bit!

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    Default Re: Perfume parlour - is it safe to use?

    Sorry, I've never used these types of oils and know very little about them. I've seen them and been curious of their quality, but not enough to purchase any.

    I imagine these to be popular with people who aren't that into fragrance, unlike the people you'll find on forums (perhaps the reason for the silence?) I see them as being more for people who don't really care about fragrance, so an inexpensive pleasant facsimile will do.

    Sorry, to hear you got banned from the other forum. Seems a bit harsh.

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    Default Re: Perfume parlour - is it safe to use?

    Thank you for your answer, Suspended!

    At first, when I saw your reply in the forum overview, I thought that it was my username and that they had replaced it with "Suspended" because I got banned here too for asking about Perfume Parlour

    What you're saying makes sense, most fragrance enthusiasts probably don't use those oils. I'll see if there will be any more answers.

    Thank you very much for yours!

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    Default Re: Perfume parlour - is it safe to use?

    I have been wondering myself about this. But surely there has to be some sort of regulatory body that should randomly pay these manufacturers a visit- purely for the safety of the public

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    Default Re: Perfume parlour - is it safe to use?

    God knows how safe they are. Their website says: "Majority of the perfume oils we sell are sourced by ourselves from manufacturers in the EU & hence you will get a very good deal if you buy bulk designer perfume oils from us."

    Personally, I found all of their creations to be of a very poor quality (as expected). Their fragrance dust is awesome though as a room fragrance, I use it in an electric wax burner.

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