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    Default High school perfumer

    My niece, an ambitious school girl, has decided for her final work in chemistry, to elaborate three perfumes, representatives of the different families in parfumerie, that is to say: a fougère, a chypre and an oriental.

    Its structures are very simple: For the Fougère a blend of lavender + tonka bean (coumarin) + moss / patchouli.
    Chypre: bergamot + laudanum + oak moss
    The oriental: lemon + pink pepper + incense + Iso E super (yes, a copy of Molecules 01).

    Problem is to find a supplier of aromachemicals that ships to Spain (specially Iso E super) and she also wonders if essential oils from aromatherapy are suitable for your compositions.

    Your wise advice is welcome.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: High school perfumer

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    Default Re: High school perfumer

    How is this to do with Chemistry?

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    Default Re: High school perfumer

    Maybe you can contact a fragrance manufacturer located in Spain and they can send you samples of said materials, which should be enough for a small project. The ones that come to my mind is Eurofragrance and Carbonnel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Ruskin View Post
    How is this to do with Chemistry?
    I guess no other subject would have the capacity to handle the materials. Many of my colleagues, i.e. chemistry teachers, have some interest in perfumes. The molecules and volatilities are no secret to them. - And if you remember Melina Ehrsam's "Hones Lips Kiss Macaroon Au Cassis" in co-operation with Philip Kraft: that was also done in a chemistry department of a high school.

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