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    Default Attar sellers in India

    Dear friends, for those of you who are into eastern attars and blends...

    I am travelling to India in April (Mumbai, Cochin and Surat) and I wanted to find out from you if you know of attar sellers dealing in high-quality blends with real oud etc? I do not mind paying higher prices for good quality. I plan on visiting the Ajmal store in Mumbai and wanted to know of any other places?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Attar sellers in India

    The hub of Indian attars, is Kannuaj - if you can and feel like going on a mini fragrance pilgrimage, then I would recommend visiting there. They supply a lot of the fragrance oils that go into the big brands and they have a history and a reputation of quality attars. Enjoy your time!
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    Default Re: Attar sellers in India

    Most of the people I know either buy them from an old perfume store in their city or they ask someone else to buy it for them if the other person is going to such a town or shop. There are not many sellers on attar who sell online still to this date. However, I can recommend you some brands which I have personally used:
    1. Kannauj Attar: I bought their shamama and jasime last month and till now, I don't have any issues. Website:
    2. Jain Perfumers: They mainly sell for wholesale, so I don't know whether you can order online or not. My friend once got their attar from a local supplier's warehouse and he said it was okish. Website:
    And never ever buy it from amazon or flipkart. most sellers there are only selling diluted items. That is why their prices are so low.

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