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If you look at old westerns or leading men in movies... you notice clean silhouettes. There are literally half a dozen types of skinny jeans. Skim, Super Slim, Skinny, and Super Skinny... Most European designers use clean cuts in their button downs, sport coats, and denim. If you are not fit, or athletic, you can always try to find a 'relaxed fit' jean which still exists btw.

Myself? I happen to like the clean look that skinny jeans affords someone with a lean body type. I'm not skinny by any stretch (5'8" / 170 lbs) but slimmer arm holes in shirts and sport coats along with trim jeans.??? It's a good look. Most of my Italian sport coats look exponentially better than anything else made by JCrew or Banana, which are tailored for the American markets. Slim jeans and a nice pair of chelsea boots. Great look IMHO.
Agree wholeheartedly!