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    So I have read in numerous places now that applying a fragrance to moisturised skin will help improve longevity. Do you guys find this is the case? If so any recommendations on a good non scented moisturiser to use?

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    Default Re: Moisturiser

    I do find that it helps performance on my skin. I use Aveeno unscented body moisturizer and lotion.
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    Default Re: Moisturiser

    I use Aveeno unscented body moisturiser.

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    I don't know if it actually works, but I started using Cetaphil unscented moisturizer in September and it's become part of my process for getting ready. I put it on as soon as I dry off, when my skin is still warm.

    But, I wait about 10 min or so before I apply my fragrance. I know lots of people say to put it on when you're hot, but I have found I get better performance if I wait until my body temp goes down a little.

    Like a lot of stuff with fragrances it comes down to experimentation. What works for one guy might not work for you. Give it a shot and see how it goes.

    As a bonus, my skin always gets really dry during the winter, painfully so, but this year it was much better thanks to the daily moisturizing.

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    Even with (albeit discreetly, almost neutrally) scented moisturizers irrespective of the brand, managed to get usually good results in terms of increased longevity.

    Other than this, recommending the Dove Pure&Sensitive body lotion for moisturizing without interfering with the SOTD choice.
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    It definitely helps. I put Etro's Palais Jamais body lotion on my arms today and then sprayed on Goutal's Encens Flamboyant. I've been able to smell the Goutal all day, when usually it's a skin scent after a few hours.

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    Default Re: Moisturiser

    Either Aveeno Unscented Body Lotion or Vaseline Unscented.
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    I use Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate to keep my face always moisturized

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    some say applying vaseline to the pulse points and then applying fragrance works great.

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    Default Re: Moisturiser

    Which is best?

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    Default Re: Moisturiser

    Whichever one you find works for you.

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    I use oil for moisturising my skin, argan oil for my face and neck, and almond oil for body (though I usually mix my own body oil from almond oil, some apricot kernel oil, a bit argan oil and a few drops of orange and grapefruit essential oils, but skip the essential oil if you want it scentless). I almost stopped using creams, because oils give my skin good hydration and nutrition and reduces the natural overproduction of oils, so it's generally good for oily skin, too, you just have to find the right oil.
    Basically, you have to try out and find the oil that suits your skin best, but in general olive oil is good for extra dry skin and quite bad for oily, avocado oil is good for oily skin, I find almond oil good for body and dryer skin and although they say argan is best suited for mature, normal and dry skin, I found it just right for my combination one.
    Honestly, try some of them out. They mostly have some very slight smell, but it's very very slight, oils smell less than any creams do.

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    I do not like lotion on my skin so for me the best way to do it is thoroughly exfoliate in the shower to remove dead skin cells which would otherwise absorb the fragrance.

    Then when I apply the fragrance I spray whatever areas I want, wait a minute, then spray again in those exact same areas. My theory (unproven) is that with the first spray the skin absorbs some of the essential oils. With the second, the skin is already saturated and won't absorb as much.

    Finally I usually do a spray on the back of my hair as well as on a sleeve or shoulder of my shirt (provided the scent is not heavily dyed and and I'm not wearing a very light-color shirt).

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    When you thoroughly exfoliate your skin in the shower - you remove oils from your skin that moisturize it, your skin becomes dry and it will absorb quickly everything that you'll put on it. And besides that there are a bunch of other issues. That's why we use moisturizers\lotions - to replace removed oils and make your skin feel good again

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