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    No stress, just a concern that regularity & reliability of income might be more useful in the long term than sporadic donations & competition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlsweeney View Post
    Not when the subscription is only $30 a year. If there was not only a donation button, but some type of chart ranking how much a user has given over their lifetime as well as a chart with the most recent donations, this could drive people to want to donate so they could see their name. I know that doesn't sound very ethical but you'd be surprised how competitive people get when they want to be ranked.
    To me, that sounds punitive instead of competitive - and in any case, I wouldn't want to feel as though I were in any kind of competition here. One of the reasons I delight in BN and decided to subscribe is precisely the sense of relaxation and welcome I feel on the forum. I would be turned off by a monetary ranking system, and would not wish to contribute to such a scheme.

    I belong to another forum which has thrived on a $25 annual subscription fee plus ad revenue, without stratification of members according to what they've paid in. There is an area of that forum where members can anonymously purchase gift subscriptions for members without the funds to subscribe. I am not privy to its internal operations, but clearly a way has been found that allows the community to run smoothly without shaming anyone.

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    Just to clarify earlier when I made my suggestion, I only meant as an indication (teacup symbol idea) of having made a donation irregardless of how much money was actually donated. Think similar to the idea of receiving a pink ribbon for making a donation to breast cancer or receiving a 'I Voted' button after casting a vote during an election or some other relevant example. I'm not at all suggesting create competition or pressure on individuals to make donations.
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    Competitive emotional blackmail; love it.

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    No worries Grant! Thank you for all that you do We've all gone though a tough time in our lives and I completely understand... Breathe my friend... I know it sounds overly simplistic, but big nourishing breaths in the nose out through the mouth always helps to ground me

    Al the best,
    God Bless,
    I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

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    Coming from someone who has suffered from bouts of depression over the years, I also appreciate your honesty. You could have made up some other excuse but this tells us you are human - and very brave! It's more important that you are ok than to keep the site seamlessly operating. I hope you have one or two trusted people close to you who can help when you're going through a patch. Site wise, the idea of delegating is a good one too, especially if you can sense you're nearing the rabbit hole again at times. Hope you're feeling better with each day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnette View Post
    To me, that sounds punitive instead of competitive
    I've worked in sales; these kinds of tactics don't just work well, they work extremely well. As in, just about every company in the world that deals with sales ranks their sales reps. They do this because humans are inherently competitive creatures. Of course not everyone is, but the vast majority are, even if they may not know it or admit to it. One thing that caught my eye and made me reply in the first place is the punitive claim; I've been trying for the last 20 minutes to see a punitive aspect or facet and I can't. Perhaps I'm missing something? (I admit, it's quite late here...)

    and in any case, I wouldn't want to feel as though I were in any kind of competition here.
    But is that what's best for BN? I'd like to think we could/should put aside our own wants/needs/personal feelings on the matter and try to see the bigger picture. That is to say, put aside what we personally want and do what's best for the site overall. Though, I think it should be stated that nobody is "forcing" anyone into a competition with that suggestion. If you didn't want to participate, you wouldn't have to, (you could ignore/avoid it) while those who wanted, could.
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    Grant, I just wanted to say "Thank You' for all the work that you have put into running the forums. I went through a really rough patch as well before I joined base notes - but having this community and all the people in it has meant more to me than I can say.

    I hope you take time off from the forum when you need it; while I missed it, I'd rather know that you are happy and well. Thank you again for making this possible.

    I upgraded to a five year membership as a show of support.
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