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    Question Can anyone tell me more about this haircut?

    Hi guys,

    Where can I get more information about hair number 6 on this site? I like that model. But i couldn't find more photos.

    Model is here; (sixth)

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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me more about this haircut?

    Why nobody didnt answer. Maybe you can tell something this men hairstyles.

    cool hairstyles for men 2017 (fifth)

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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me more about this haircut?

    Is your hair that curly? Some of those looks are interesting - shaved on the sides, long and curly on top.

    I like it. I would have to have my hair permanently curled to pull off something like that. With straighter hair, you have to keep it shorter to keep it out of your eyes.

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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me more about this haircut?

    Bear in mind that I am certainly NOT young and trendy..... so you can take my opinion with a pinch of salt.... but

    A groomed look is always better than not.... BUT if the haircut is very short at the back, then the person wearing it must have a good head shape, even hair growth and take care of their neck and scalp skin. Shorter hair on a spotty, patchy or lumpy scalp gets a 'yuk' from me. Keep the hair on those.

    If people have hair this short, then first make sure that the scalp and neck is in good clean and groomed order.

    I am not the target audience however.... !!!

    (For those nearer my age and there isn't any, or there is less hair available, then keep it short and/or clean, don't comb over and use man moisturiser on the exposed bits.)
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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me more about this haircut?

    I like this one. Nostalgic for me - this cut was very popular about 1984.
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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me more about this haircut?

    Quote Originally Posted by mumsy View Post
    A groomed look is always better than not
    Absolutely agree.
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