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    Default MYSTERY Abercrombie Cologne

    cannot find a SINGLE thing relating to this cologne. was my favorite scent, and for some reason has no name or type listed anywhere on the bottle. never seen an abercrombie cologne with no name. its also the abercrombie kids line, hence the lowercase a. this was purchased somewhere between 2004-2007. can ANYBODY help?! IMG_0215.jpgIMG_6887.jpg

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    Default Re: MYSTERY Abercrombie Cologne

    If someone cannot help here, do you have Abercrombie store in a mall by you as perhaps if you take it there someone might know something?
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    Default Re: MYSTERY Abercrombie Cologne

    bump this old thread. trying to find this again.

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    Default Re: MYSTERY Abercrombie Cologne

    According to Wikipedia:

    "The brand released the "abercrombie" cologne and perfume set previous to 2006; however, it was retired Christmas 2007."

    A quick Ebay search came up with this:
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    Default Re: MYSTERY Abercrombie Cologne

    I know this is an old thread. I too have been holding onto this light and best scent from Abercrombie. Well, except for an older formulation of Woods. I realize it is discontinued but is there a way to get the notes, so I can hunt for something similar?
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