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    Default Buying Hats Online

    Just curious--do you, or have you? It's tough when there's not a hat shop around. I've been browsing lately, and wonder has anyone used these stores:

    Village Hat Shoppe
    Hats Plus Ltd.

    If so, what was your experience?

    And/or does anyone have others they have used with some success?

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    Default Re: Buying Hats Online

    Hats Plus is okay.

    I went through a hat phase a couple of years back.

    I am fortunate in that I have the means to support some of my ADs (Acquisition Disorders).

    The two best sources for men's hats are Vintage and Optimo Hats in Chicago.

    They are very pricey but their quality is head and shoulders above the Hats Plus standard hats.

    If you want to research more on men's hats, try The Fedora Lounge web site.

    Once you go down the Vintage Sihouettes or Optimo path, it is difficult to revert to the standard online offerings of ready made hats.

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    Default Re: Buying Hats Online

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