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    Default Best moisturizing body wash

    So I've got some really dry skin and I noticed that using Olay body wash with the shea butter really helps with it. Smells good too, although a little effeminate. But they changed the ingredients so now it smells less like a fragrance and more like oily shea butter.

    Any recommends that smell good but also really work keeping skin moisturized? I assume that shea butter based moisturizers are better than the regular men's body washes that just advertise moisturizing properties but I'm getting tired of that new Olay smell.

    I'm gonna try Irish Spring since that's a great fragrance and at least I'll smell fresh and manly. I'll get back after I've tried it out.

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    Default Re: Best moisturizing body wash

    Aveeno is a good one.

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    Default Re: Best moisturizing body wash

    Another who likes the Aveeno.
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    Default Re: Best moisturizing body wash

    I have REALLY dry skin, so this has been a mission for me. I like Aveeno products, but did not care for their body wash. The scent made me think I was washing myself with oatmeal. Nivea...nothing. Dove for Men Moisturizing is okay. Probably the closest I've come to finding the right product, until I tried Irish Spring Signature with shea butter.

    I'm about a week into the Irish Spring Signature. So far, I'm liking it a lot. Skin loves it, it smells awesome in the shower, yet is light enough that it doesn't clash with any cologne I apply post-shower. It's only a week, but things are looking good.
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    Default Re: Best moisturizing body wash

    I have sensitive/dry skin so I stick to Dove Sensitive Skin
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    Default Re: Best moisturizing body wash

    Oil of Play is pretty good.
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    Default Re: Best moisturizing body wash

    I use one of the following most days (dry/sensitive):
    -Aveeno Skin Relief
    -Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash (shea scent or discontinued pistachio)
    -SheaMoisture Body Wash (Coconut Hibiscus or raw shea)
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    Default Re: Best moisturizing body wash

    Thanks for the replies. So far, I'll look into the Aveeno and then the others mentioned.
    I'm personally happy with the Olay brand, just the new smell isn't as great.

    I tried out the Irish Spring body wash with Moisturizing properties including shea smells like every other men's body wash. Doesn't even smell like the traditional Irish Spring bar soap. Very generic. I didn't "feel" that moisturized either, but maybe that's just my mind playing tricks on me. Either way, I didn't like it.

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