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    Default Shaving Bargains At Harvey Norman Electrical

    I wandered into Harvey Norman today and bought four packs of Oscar Natural Skincare Toiletry bags, each containing 30ml Sensitive Shaving Oil and 150ml Sensitive Shaving Gel. Cost was $9 per bag, a real bargain as far as I am concerned.

    The Toiletry Bag is great, I'd previously bought one at the $18 price (when it was reduced from $$29.95). It has a zipped section and a fold out section that wraps around the zipped section. The shaving oil is pretty good - but as I described in another thread here, shaving oils do a great job in terms of a close shave and extremely few micro-nicks, but feel really incomfortable when actually doing the shaving, compared to soaps and creams. The shaving gel is okay too - I'd rate it as better than canned foam, but not as good as a quality cream.

    The other thing I picked up was a Razormate razor blade sharpener at $12, reduced from $29.95. I am a big fan of Razorpit, and will be interested to see if there is any difference between the two - their should be, as the instructions on the side of the Razormate packet say to push the razor along the Razormate, whereas Razorpit has one pulling the razor along it, and letting the blades dry with their cutting edge pointing up.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I tried the Oscar Sensitive Shaving Gel yesterday with a Mach 3 razor - which usually leaves me with a few micro-nicks after applying alum. Surprisingly, I had hardly any micro nicks with the Shaving Gel. I don't know what razor I used last time to form the opinion I wrote above, but yesterday, that gel clearly functioned as well as a quality shaving cream.
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