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    Default NEW: Aftelier - Curious For Women!

    Indie natural line Aftelier has launched Curious, a new fragrance for women inspired by Mandy Aftel's newly opened Aftel Archive of Curious Scents:
    Curious, inspired by the atmosphere of the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents, is a smoky musk perfume, with notes of dried fruit and precious woods.

    The rich muskiness of Curious allows it to mix with each person’s body chemistry in an intimate and idiosyncratic fashion.

    I adore tobacco absolute and think of it as the ultimate botanical musk note, especially when paired with the sweet mossy apricot-like hay absolute.

    An airy smokiness laces through the perfume from the opening to the ending, -- burnt fruitwood and caramel.

    Mesmerizing orange leaf absolute, like a green orange, is refreshingly tart, animalic, and indolic.

    Curious opens with creamy and smooth wood brightened with dirty citrus and punctuated with spice.

    The texture of the perfume is like soft fur.

    My Aftel Archive includes an exhibit that deconstructs Curious perfume note by note, and chord by chord, so that visitor can explore the mystery of how each essence locks together to create the perfume.

    Aftelier Curious is available in 30 ml Eau de Parfum ($180), or in 2 ($50), 6 ($300 in silver flask) or 8 ($180) ml Parfum. Samples are also sold.
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    Default Re: NEW: Aftelier - Curious For Women!

    Thank you for sharing!

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