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    Default Recommendations for women's fragrances?


    I'm pretty clear on what I like... but now I'd like to get my girlfriend to try stuff out too. She's interested, but doesn't know how/where to start, and I'm not sure how to help. I could get a sample pack from Surrender to Chance - but, I'm not sure what I'm getting there. If 3/10 come close to what she likes, it'll be great to find 3 new perfumes, but otherwise a bit of a waste...

    She's worn Chanel for years (No 5?) but has gotten sick of it. She recently bought a bottle of Narciso Rodriguez which she likes. She has an old bottle of Chloe, which is... well, I don't like it much.

    On me, she likes Ford Noir de Noir, Aventus, Dior Homme. Not sure how relevant that is.

    Any of you girls here have similar tastes along with some favourites you could recommend? Or any guys that know what their girls like?

    Help would be appreciated. Thank you

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    If it's any help at all, I had to do a very similar thing for my wife, so first find out (maybe through some of your fragrances) what major notes she does or doesn't like - for example, my wife really dislikes strong rose or floral, and dislikes anything too sweet or sugary smelling, she prefers fresh / citrus / green / aqua scents.

    Her first bottle, bought at a duty free on a long boring sea crossing, was Chanel 19 - having got well through that I blind bought Chanel Cristalle for her being fairly confident she would enjoy it, and sure enough, she loves it. Notes aren't everything though, she also enjoys Guerlain Chamade (a surprise 'blind gift' due to an Ebay mistake by seller) and yet that has Hyacinth and Jasmine listed as top notes, however they are not at all overpowering.

    Anyway, try to get an idea of the kind of types of scent she likes first, then make a trip to one of the bigger stores and try a few, I'd suggest. From your description I'm not sure I could recommend anything specific, being fairly new to this world myself, but it would seem that, unlike my good lady, yours actually does like rose

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    Seconding especially the Chanel No.19 suggestions, especially in EDP concentration or upwards and also adding Coco Noir from the same house
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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by stylemonger View Post
    Or any guys that know what their girls like?
    Both my wife and my older daughter enjoys Black Orchid by Tom Ford.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    It is hard to know where to begin. I agree with some of the previous posters - see if you can get an idea of the kinds of smells she likes (is it No 5 or a different Chanel?). Also, is there a style she likes? Maybe classics? Maybe a particular house? Sometimes those things can be an attractive place to start.

    One other suggestion: have you thought about getting her a book like The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez? It's a really fun book, and it helped me find a way in to the huge and disorienting selection out there. I loved the reviews and went around trying to smell all the perfumes that sounded interesting. You certainly don't have to agree with the reviews. But you can learn a little about perfumes, and also about what you like, by starting there.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    Check out the Chanel Chance line as well as the Atelier Cologne line which has fairly linear scents but will give you a good gauge on what notes she may like.
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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    Some great advice here from each of you. Thank you! Will report back.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    It depends on the choice and liking of your wife I can recommend the perfumes that my GF uses but she has her own taste. she likes strong, floral , sweet ,sugary fragrance. I like her to sweet smell too (she is like my cup cake) but many people disregard too sugary scent. so it's hard to recommend anything as it can cost you money.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    +1 for getting a copy of The Guide. It's really easy reading and funny.

    Maybe plan a day in a city with decent department stores and fragrance boutiques? Test together, ask the SAs about the fragrance families and notes in the frags she likes and try to find some themes over the course of the day.
    If you look a frag up in the BN directory, there's a list of frags with similar notes at the bottom of each page. Find a few more she likes the sound of and spend a second day in the fragrance halls. By the end of a second day, she should have a clear idea of the families/notes she likes and you can move on to ordering a bunch of 2ml samples to try.

    It's a long-winded method, but means that when you spend on a bottle or two (or a selection of 10ml decants) you know the money is well-spent.

    If she's not interested in all the testing and sniffing, then you'll just have to keep sharing your enthusiasm with the BN crew! There's not many of us who have SOs with the same passion...

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    Since you know she likes No. 19 and Dior Homme, you can probably deduce that iris notes appeal to her. You could do as Hesta says, look those up in the directory here or on Fragrantica, and see what recommendations pop up for similarities.

    No. 19 is so distinctive that it should narrow the field for you. May I suggest a very budget-friendly Silences by Jacomo? It's has much of No. 19's appeal.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    I think there's only one dead-sure way to find out what she likes, and I'm going to utter words which make most men shiver with fear now...


    ...take her out shopping :-)

    On a serious note, there's no better way. There's never a guarantee that a blind-bought present will suit, and she'll be able to explore more scents and more of what she likes when taken out to the shops to try.

    Hit the town, the best bets are department stores where you can freely test, and smell the caps if available. If you like the residual scent of the cap, try it on a paper blotter. Once that passes the test, try on skin.

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    Default Re: Recommendations for women's fragrances?

    N°5? Rive Gauche.
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