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    Default F by Ferragamo - Black

    What are your opinions on this one?

    Saw it for a pretty good deal somewhere and was gonna pick it up blindly since I've heard it's an alright cheapie. Apparently revolves around tonka bean, black pepper and lavender. From a little reading I did some said it's very nice and others say it reminds them of baby wipes...

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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    Well its one that shines in cold weather for me but its too powdery for my taste that I don't reach for it that much... I think I've only worn it twice this year. I must say its extremely beastly on my skin.
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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    Quite affordable for a versatile and generally pleasant contemporary style release, it does deliver quite a good performance and a quite smooth and moderately (rather than blatantly, excessively) sweet-spicy gourmand development

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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    It's nice. It does resemble ysl Nuit Homme but is not as satisfying.

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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    Personally didn't care for it when I tried it.
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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    i don't like it.

    stupid cheap tonka, pfui!
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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    Quite similar to LaNuit, and heavy on the tonka bean. Def not a bad frag for the price, but I personally got tired of it and sold bottle off.
    Wife and one of my daughters liked it.

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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    I didn't like it. I sold my bottle.
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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    Opens as Chanel Allure Homme Sport then turns into La Nuit de L'homme and dries down as Blue de Chanel, great combo for cheap.

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    Default Re: F by Ferragamo - Black

    Own and enjoy this one.

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