immediate impression on scent strip:

Warm, absolute pure warmth.
A woody, resinous ancient lacquered statue above the fireplace
Much older, much warmer then sandalwood.

More buttery, nutty and animalic then benzoin, labdanum or vanilla.
*Well, perhaps equally as animalic as labdanum.

Slightly spicy, perhaps a little bit of anise.
Definitely anise and cherry, and chocolate - and ever so slightly a tonka bean note.
Definitely anise honey and musk. with a subtle deer urine, musk.

Overall profile:

- Wood
- Buttery
- Honey-animatic
- slightly urine smelling + deer musk
- chocolate
- anise
- tonka bean

Blessed to have this deer musk, honey buttery, cherry and anise oud.
Wonderful stuff!

Could blend with easily with

- butter
- tabacco
- tonka bean
- benzoin
- rose
- jasmine
- castoreum
- sandalwood
- ylang ylang