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    Default Fruity Leather Attempt (?) Help!

    Hey basenoters,

    so after my very hay-overdosed experiment, I've tried my hand at making this scent. As you can see, I'm armed with more materials. I multiplied to 1000 so that the percentages could be more obvious. Do you all happen to have any tips for some ways I can take this new experiment? I took everyone's advice into mind, especially the very helpful comments by jfrater. I've tried to be care with overdosing this time around and I'm still trying to respect a mostly naturals-driven fragrance. I like where it's headed. There's a nice kind of sweet leather that develops in the mid.

    oak moss abs 70
    romandolide 60
    exaltolide 40
    patchouli dark eo 30
    vetiver eo 30
    iso e super 20
    agarwood 10
    labdanum abs 50% 10
    benzoin 50% 20
    tobacco abs 50% 20
    orris butter 50% 10
    myrrh c02 50% 10
    ambergris tincture 10% 30
    ambroxan 10% 30
    civet 10% 10

    Total - 400

    hedione 130
    methyl ionone gamma (70) 60
    juniper c02 40
    rose damascena abs 30
    lavender seville abs 20
    clary sage eo 20
    carrot abs 10
    saffron abs 10
    castoreum 50% 20
    black currant abs 50% 10

    Total - 350

    bergamot eo 100
    pineapple (melange of natural isolates) 90
    yuzu eo 50
    tagetes 10

    Total - 250

    Any help would be appreciated. I find that the comments here come from such great wisdom and vision. They are really helpful.

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    Default Re: Fruity Leather Attempt (?) Help!

    Have you made this yet? I tried something similar but I used raspberry ketone and strawberry oliffac instead of the fruits you have listed. It turned out so so. Nothing to write home about. Just wondering how this turned out because it does have some aspects which I considered but did not use.
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    Default Re: Fruity Leather Attempt (?) Help!

    Nothing to write home about, exactly! I'm thinking of de-cluttering it and turning up the methyl ionone gamma and maybe switching out most of the musk for more iso e super. Also, removing the clary sage and adding a little more carrot abs, and almost doubling the pineapple while essentially cutting out the bergamot.

    I'd like to try for greater simplicity but last time I did that I ended up overdosing many naturals. So this time I'll try to increase the synths without hopefully reaching that screechy, thin, synthetic quality that I dislike so much.

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    Default Re: Fruity Leather Attempt (?) Help!

    Try safraleine and/or suederal, if you are interested in more materials. You will definitely get an impressive leathery note there (wihich is quite common). You only need a tiny bit, because they are both very powerful. Many popular commercial perfumes use a mix of the typical leathery materials, along with berry notes as strawberry or raspberry. Some of them works surprisingly well, even though the mix of sweet candy and leather could be quite strange.


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    Default Re: Fruity Leather Attempt (?) Help!

    Thanks. I'd like to work within the parameters of the materials I have listed, mainly because I have them, and secondly because I'd like to see what possibilities they offer, even if it's not the ultimate leather fragrance.

    Yes, the mix can be strange! My thinking behind the oakmoss is to add a saltiness (mixed with ambroxan and ambergris) to the fruitiness and leather that, in the dry down, eventually becomes almost skin-scented (human leather...we could say?). The floral, iodine quality of saffron helps, I think. And for this reason I'm trying to work with oils that have fruity notes (lavender, tagetes juniper), rather than being fruit themselves. Of course, the top notes are the exception.

    Right now I'm smelling a handcrafted cowhide wallet I bought in Mexico that smells wonderful. The leather itself is nothing too luxurious but there's something about the hair and interior that's both rugged and comforting.

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