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    Default Is musks diffusive and powerful?

    Hello I need help.
    I usually can find descriptions about musk "powerful" "diffusive"
    but not to my nose. I mean I have muscenone(Fir), Exaltone, and muscone.(usually described as powerful and diffusive)
    but to me other musks, such as habanolide and helvetolide is more detectable. I mean I can detect those three, but I cannot define them what it is.(muscenone 100% on my skin(wrist) is smells like fishy and dusty)
    if I use descriptions that duffusive and powerful, these words are more appropriate to indole and cresols.
    am I have a problem?
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    Default Re: Is musks diffusive and powerful?

    Certainly, not everyone smells musks the same way.
    Some (many) people cannot even smell some musks. While other people smell some of those that other people can't, and can't smell what others do.
    And musks may not show up in the odor of a perfume for a few hours.

    Powerful and Diffusive would fairly describe the new musk that I imported, and arrived just yesterday from Japan, Polvolide.
    I shipped it to Christine at PSH, for sale through her store, likely available the middle of next week.
    Paul Kiler
    PK Perfumes
    In addition to Our own PK line, we make Custom Bespoke Perfumes, perfumes for Entrepreneurs needing scents for perfumes or products, Custom Wedding Perfumes, and even Special Event Perfumes.

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    Default Re: Is musks diffusive and powerful?

    Not everyone can smell every musk. You may be anosmic to some of them. Some people claim that with repeated attempts to smell, they eventually do smell them individually. Alternatively, you can test their odor and effect by using it in a test formula and only change the musk as the variable.

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    Default Re: Is musks diffusive and powerful?

    Thank you all. Actually I can detect them but to me not strong.
    When I had visited perfumery lab, I could smell muscenone well . but not in my home.
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    Default Re: Is musks diffusive and powerful?

    Soda sends free sample of Polvolide to the company name. So, everyone with a company name has a chance to get it for free.

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