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    Default By Kilian Black Phantom

    I normally don't like By Killian (except for Straight to Heaven), but this is quite nice. I normally don't like sugary (though this isn't extremely sweet) chocolatey, gourmand type scents, but I have to say this is quite nice. Probably not FBW for me, but if you're interested in these type scents, definitely check it out.

    What do you think about Black Phantom?

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    My views on it were posted here. I didn't care for it, especially compared to some other Kilians.
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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    I am a big fan of the House, and do like this one quite a bit. Not a love yet, or a “must have”, but I did like it the one time I have worn it. I am looking forward to giving it another wearing soon. Very solid release even if I never wind up buying a bottle.
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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    Like this one also.
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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    I like it a lot, it was less sweet and cloying on me than Back to Black and I like the rum note. Will purchase eventually in a refill bottle as the packaging doesn't interest me.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    Smells amazing. I chose not to purchase today as I thought it wouldn’t get a lot of wears as it’s very sweet. But the scent is very nice.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    Would this be good to wear in New York at this time of the year? Thank you.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    Quote Originally Posted by DarioMiami33109 View Post
    Would this be good to wear in New York at this time of the year? Thank you.
    Yes but you have to be ok with a gourmand very sweet scent

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    I liked it, but I like Back to Black and Straight to Heaven more. By Kilian is waaaaaaaaaay overpriced IMO

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    very feminine and generic.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    One of the best gourmand scents, happy to have it in my collection.
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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s warm and creamy with nutmeg, rum, and sugar. Very nice.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    I am a huge gourmand lover but I genuinely dislike this one. Something in the blend is extremely unpleasant to my nose. Does not perform on my skin and did not pass the girlfriend test either. I'd take Single Malt, Back to Black, Gold Knight, or Light My Fire over it any day.
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    Default Re: By Kilian Black Phantom

    Loved this when it first came out and sampled. I was ready to pull the trigger this summer and wanted to do one final sampling. It didn't resonate as well and ended up not purchasing.

    I'll have to revisit, now that we're in the colder months.

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