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    Thumbs up Art of Shaving - Suede Oud

    Wandered into my local mall the other day, and stopped by a new Art of Shaving store. The cute young woman behind the counter introduced me to their fragrance line, and since I've brought up my cologne game...I haven't purchased shaving products from AOS before, but didn't realize how good the Suede Oud smelled. Maybe it's me, but this thing is pretty damn close to a fresh suede note in there. Like the kind of almost alcantara leather type suede from the inside of a porsche / mercedes interior that it reminds me of.
    Have you guys smelled this, and if so what alternative or similar frags out there would you suggest as well?? I'm totally pulling the trigger on this one guys!! LOL

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    Default Re: Art of Shaving - Suede Oud

    Quote Originally Posted by KewlNorCalDude View Post
    Have you guys smelled this
    I have and it is quite nice.
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