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    Question Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    Need a haircut, hate my hair, am over having shit hair but don't know jack about hairstyling. Please help with this disaster.

    What hairstyles would you recommend? Can l reasonably do anything with long hair, or has that ship sailed (thanks to my balding crown area)?

    Normal 1:

    Normal 2:

    Normal 3:

    Hairline 1:

    Hairline 2:

    ln case the photos can't show it, my hair is sort of poofy/frizzy at this length. l usually just dampen it, comb it back, and go on my way. Obv not working too well. My hair is not very cooperative.

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    Your hair looks very fine to the touch. Try Evo Haze styling powder. Yeah, it's not inexpensive for such a tiny amount, but it lasts for around a year with daily, moderate use. And it's not as sticky / hard / obvious as gel.

    If that fails, try to go a bit shorter at the top maybe?

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    Default Re: Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    Just a trim every now and then and you'll be fine.
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    Default Re: Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    Couple of thoughts from a guy whose hairline and texture (fine) is remarkably similar to yours...

    Think about a cut that's shorter on the sides. The relative thickness on the sides draws attention to the thinning on top. To put it another way: you've still got plenty to work with up top, but letting the sides grow long and full makes it seem that the top is less substantial than it really is.

    Look for a product that adds fullness to thin/fine hair. I promise you I'm not a shill, but here's one that works very well for me: I find it creates the illusion of thickness without weighing down my hair as some products do.

    Finally, if you're willing to invest a little bit, look around for a high-end barbershop/men's grooming place where you can get the "right" cut and advice from a pro. You don't have to make it your regular barber if it's on the expensive side. Just get the first cut there, along with advice on products, styling tips, etc. and then you can maintain it with your local barber. If the cut seems to lose its shape after a while, go back to the high-end joint to get it back on track again. As examples of the kinds of places I'm thinking of, check out Truman's ( or John Allan's ( These two are in New York, but I'm sure you can find similar places in any metro area.

    Best of luck! Tom

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    Default Re: Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    Try shaving it all off. ‘Balding’ may seem like a curse. But going ‘bald’ is a choice.

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    Default Re: Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    When you have finer hair it's best to keep the sides shorter and the top just a little longer than the sides. It will look a lot fuller. I would recommend keeping the layers square to fill in the finer areas.

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    Default Re: Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    If the crown balding bothers you, you could always consider trying Propecia.

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    Default Re: Uncooperative hair: What should l do? [pics]

    Yeap, if it looks like you gonna lose it anyway, so why don't you try to get replacement and to have you hair like you want it to.

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