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    Default The Patchoulis from Molinard... which one?

    Hi guys,

    Through my usual supplier, I can get three patchouli dominant fragrances:

    Patchouli, the Les Elements version in the purple bottle.

    Vanille Patchouli, the Les Elements version in the purple bottle.

    Patchouli Intense, the Les Prestige version, in the peach bottle.

    I understand that Patchouli Intense is a Gourmand, which would be appealing. But I’m also looking for a resinous Patch, thick and “chewy” for want of a better word.

    What’s your opinion on these three?
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    Default Re: The Patchoulis from Molinard... which one?

    Own all three - for what you are looking for, I'd opt for the one in the purple bottle.
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