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Thread: hashish

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    Default hashish

    I'm very surprised that no-one opened a thread about hashish before!
    to me it smells like a very dirty chocolate, a bit of castoreum, black pepper, incense and dirty cat.
    and in your opinion?

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    Default Re: hashish

    The smoke smells a bit like a mix of dirty mint and stale beer.
    It could probably be approximised with patchouli, spearmint and hops, if one is going down the natural route.
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    Default Re: hashish

    Guerlain went there in 1942 with their perfume called Dawamesk.
    Beer? The kids' new gear?
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    There are very different types of hash smells around. The most commonly known is probably the low quality (and often cut) moroccan variety because that's what got trafficked around the most.The Black Afghan variety is very different and much more interesting in terms of smell. Very resinous, incenscey and spicy.
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