Hey Guys,

My name is Stephan and I`m a 27 year old German Fragrance Enthusiast.
I recently started my own Youtube Channel on which I review Fragrances, the good, the bad and ugly .
I don`t own that big collection yet, but I sample interesting Fragrances on a daily bases.
Personally I like niche Fragrances more than Designer, but as long as it smells good I don`t care whether its cheap or expensive!

This Youtube channel is more of a personal Fragrance Journey where I discover my own senses.
I already did 5 reviews, and plan to upload atleast weekly!
Also I participated in the Jeremy Fragrance Review Contest recently, my entry was Oud save the King by Atkinsons.

I hope I can entertain some of you in the future on Youtube, also I`m glad about any messages from you guys to share knowledge about Fragrances and the compostion of Perfumes because I started experimenting with creating some of my own Fragrances.

If you like, check out my Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx0...1BUdJWdLZIb_PA

Greeting from Germany, have a nice day - enoy your Fragrances