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    Red face Charles X bottle? Green to milk glass cut...


    Iím sorry that my first post is a request for identification of a perfume bottle. I am actually a glass collector and bought this bottle a few years ago as it looked like a difficult technique to make. I am selling a whole load of my collection now (20th century art glass) and I am not sure what date/where this bottle hails from. Various sites call it ĎCharles xí but I am not sure. I initially thought it was bohemian but it isnít like anything Iíve seen before. Can anyone help?

    Thank you so much.

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    Default Re: Charles X bottle? Green to milk glass cut...

    Yeah, it is unusual. Green overlay cut to opaque white. My first thought was Bohemian as well, but could be French or American or anywhere else. I think Charles X would imply that it is French, made during the reign of Charles X, which seems quite possible.
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    Here are some Charles X bottles I was able to find that remind me of yours, the first because of the colors and technique, and the other two because of those lobes:


    The spherical portion on that one is very similar to the pattern on yours.
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    Default Re: Charles X bottle? Green to milk glass cut...

    Thank you Beleriand

    Sorry that I'm late replying, my Mum just passed away sadly, but thank you so much for your gracious replies.

    The first and the last image do have similarities to mine, as they are (or appear to be) coloured glass overlay cut to reveal the opaline/milk glass underneath. The other two are blown glass so although the shape is good, the technique is completely different. I didn't manage to find the first image you posted above on the Internet so that one is particularly useful as it backs up, to an extent, other pieces I had found online. What I reaaaaaaally need is an image in a book, so that I can make proper reference. It worries me that there isn't more that I can find about this style/technique.

    Again, thank you very much for your kind input Beleriand, I really appreciate you taking the time to do that for me. I know it's time consuming searching around to find images!

    Thank you also to the forum itself, for being there. xxxx

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    Default Re: Charles X bottle? Green to milk glass cut...

    Sure, no problem. I enjoy researching bottles, so it wasn't any work at all. I have an online shop where I sell them.

    You're probably not going to find a picture of this exact bottle in a book. I know for a fact it's not in any of the most readily available popular books, as I own them. I think you'd be better off looking in books about French glass than ones about perfume bottles. A positive ID of this exact bottle is not absolutely necessary if you want to sell it. Many many auction houses, even really big name ones, and antique stores make errors all the time or just don't even bother with an ID.

    You could try emailing the International Perfume Bottles Association. They're pretty friendly.

    Sorry about your mom.

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