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    Default Help with buying

    I found an ad on local site where person is selling Sauvage for a low price. He sent me some pictures and I want to ask for someone who knows real one to help determining if it looks real.

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    Those pictures are somewhat poor.. can't give a definitive answer from them. Would need more of all sides and they would need to be clearer. At the bottom there should me an "100ml ....... 3.4 OZ" and it should be embossed in the cardboard.. not printed on it.

    Also, I may be wrong but Dior plastic wrap usually looks tidier/neater than that.. note the top.. also the circular CD sticker is missing. Now that isn't a sure way of saying it's not genuine.. it's just a little odd.

    Also, the font of "SAUVAGE" looks a tad off.. I think the "-" through the "A" should be a tiny bit higher and the "-" through the "E" is very... long? Look at a legit bottle and really study the font. Admittedly, that could be due to the poor pictures and bad angle.

    I cannot say if that's genuine or fake.. (although I could have no problem at all if the seller had provided you with better photographs) but I can say I wouldn't buy it as there are a few.. I don't want to say "red flags" but there are some things I'm undecided about.

    How much is this anyways? It may only be a few quid more from an authorised stockists or reputable discounter. You can't put a price on peace of mind.
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    Default Re: Help with buying

    OP - would you have recourse to return it if you bought it and then found out that its authenticity was dubious?
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    Default Re: Help with buying

    No i replied to ad and seller sent me these. But i decided not to buy since many responses said its fake

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