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    Default AdP Colonia Assoluta?

    What's going on with Assoluta? If you go to AdP's website you'll find that there are all kinds of products (gift sets, deodorant, shampoo, aftershave, etc.) for every Colonia line but Assoluta. I contacted AdP and they said that my only option is to find the products in-store since they are out of stock pretty much everywhere online. I asked them if the line was being discontinued and they decided not to answer that part of my question.

    Has anyone heard anything? Is Assoluta being discontinued?

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    Default Re: AdP Colonia Assoluta?

    Can be purchased at Premiere Avenue for 115 Euros for 180ml after you register and VAT is deducted + shipping if you live in the States - 138 Euros within the EU.
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    Default Re: AdP Colonia Assoluta?

    It seems to be still easily and regularly sold by most fragrance online retailers in Europe

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    Default Re: AdP Colonia Assoluta?

    So is Assoluta discontinued now or not?

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