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    Default Re: Creed Aventus TESTER - Fake or real?

    This is what eBay told me to do. Any suggestions?


    I'm contacting on behalf of eBay about the Aventus Cred Perfume (112678389060) that you recently purchased. We know it can be disappointing when you receive a counterfeit item. I'm happy to help you get this resolved as quickly as possible.

    In order to continue with the investigation of your eBay Money Back Guarantee case, you must destroy and discard the item (if it wasn't discarded by the manufacturer or law enforcement) and provide eBay with a declaration confirming the item's destruction or confiscation. This is necessary as it may be illegal to ship this item back.

    eBay is unable to reimburse you for costs related to showing that the item is counterfeit. Documents given to us may also be given to the seller, if needed.

    Please print out, and then sign and date the declaration below. Scan or take a clear digital photo of the signed declaration and save the file on your device.

    Note: Save the declaration as one of the following file formats: *.gif, *.jpg, *.png, or pdf. For security reasons, we don’t accept any other formats or aggregated (compressed) or executable files.

    The declaration must contain your real name, case number, eBay item number, and an actual signature with date. Review the other information to ensure it's correct. You may not receive a refund or be able to appeal a case if anything is wrong in the declaration. If you'd like to add anything else, please put it under the signature line.

    We must receive your declaration within 5 days or until January 18, 2018 so we can investigate your case. If we don't receive your declaration by then, your case will be closed. Unfortunately, we can't give extensions to the time period. We'll reply with an update on your case within 72 hours of receiving your declaration.

    To submit the completed declaration, please click on the following link and follow the steps below:

    1. Sign in using your email or eBay username and password.
    2. Select 'General information' from the 'Document type' drop-down menu.
    3. Select 'Add file,' and then locate the copy of the declaration on your device.
    4. Provide a description of your document in the 'Comments' field.
    5. Review the information about how eBay protects your privacy and check the box to confirm that you agree.
    6. Select 'Send' and wait for the confirmation to appear to ensure your documents have been submitted for review.

    Please note that it may take up to 3 business days for us to review your information.

    We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter as quickly as possible and look forward to receiving your documentation.

    Marjorie Ann M.

    eBay Customer Service

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ***********************************************

    --- Declaration ---

    The eBay Money Back Guarantee Department

    ----------------------------- Regarding: -----------------------------

    Case number: 5159307698
    eBay item number: 112678389060
    From: Claudio Lanzone

    I confirm that the eBay item above has been destroyed and discarded or had been previously discarded in accordance with eBay's instructions. I declare, under penalty of perjury, that all statements submitted herewith are true to the best of my knowledge.

    ______________________ _____________

    Signature Date"

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    Default Re: Creed Aventus TESTER - Fake or real?

    If I were you, I'd remove my first and surname from the bottom of your post...

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    Default Re: Creed Aventus TESTER - Fake or real?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nastka View Post
    If I were you, I'd remove my first and surname from the bottom of your post...
    The name isn't mine, it's the seller's .

    - - - Updated - - -

    I WON!
    I sent the signed declaration to the case handler and he give me a full refund without return.
    Now I'll stay close to the stores posted here on basenotes, for whom all you are saying that they sell the genuine Creed Aventus.
    The are legit?

    Thanks mates!

    It seems that they don't have any kind of Creed Aventus for men... any suggestions with a decent price?
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    Default Re: Creed Aventus TESTER - Fake or real?

    Nobody has any suggestion?

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