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    Hello everyone , I just received a little bottle 30ml of this edt from Jacques Bogart and Im very dissapointed, first spray after shower , and I got a light nice smell but after that nothing stay is like fade like water mist into the air , I went spray more and the same, so im going out for dinner and decided to go with Ives Rocher Ambre Noir a more lasting fragance on me but I dont want to give up on Force Majeure I read a lot a good things about it, maybe I would try to purchase another bottle and inquire the seller a little more, what do you guys think, any imput very much appreciated, Thanks to all.

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    For me, Force Majeure is not a heavy hitter like some of their other scents, but I have always gotten respectable performance from it. I have a large bottle, but haven't worn it in quite a while. I probably should dig it out and give it a long overdue wearing.
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    Congratulations and enjoy! Personally always loved this fragrance while it was still widely available and thus regretted its discontinuation, as it was and still is one of the better and classier Bogart releases- having just the right amount of woody, citrus and spicy notes to it, very crafty and balanced.

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    I have heard that an application of fragrance free body lotion to your skin before application can increase the longevity of a fragrance. Especially if the fragrance free body lotion contains natural oils like grapeseed or coconut. Fragrance will adhere to the fats in the lotion. The higher the fat content the better it will adhere and last. At least that is what I have heard. I haven't actually tried this myself. Maybe others who know could chime in.

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