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    Default Anyone for some Mugler chocolates?!

    I wasn't certain which forum suited this topic best.. but I settled this one as these may be a nice gift idea for your wives and girlfriends so I thought this forum was most appropriate. Plus I guess it suits it as well as anywhere and this is where I do most of my posting and hanging out. Anyways, I think you folks should find this interesting.

    I done a search on this but I can't seem to find anything about it. It seems like the people at Thierry Mugler teamed up with La Maison du Chocolat and created these Angel chocolates. Maybe I've been living under a rock or something, but this is the first I've heard of them! Is anyone else aware of them? Or maybe even tried them?

    There are three different kinds.. plus the Angel star. Some quick descriptions below..

    The Celestial Chocolate; representing Angel’s top notes, this chocolate boasts a ganache of bergamot, mandarin jelly and milk chocolate. Fresh, tangy and invigorating, the celestial chocolate is a spark of freshness that playfully hints at the intrigue to come.

    The Delicious Chocolate; evoking the heart of Angel, delicious pairs candyfloss-flavoured marshmallow with red fruits, chocolate and hazelnut/almond praline. This is Angel’s more indulgent side, where sugar feels weightless and exuberant.

    The Voluptuous Chocolate; now we’re getting into the dark and serious stuff with the vanilla and patchouli (a nod to Olivier Cresp’s ‘Patchou‘ accord) flavouring a dark chocolate ganache. You’d be une ganache not to fall for this one.

    Finally, the Angel Star; pure Madagascan dark chocolate shaped into the infinite and iconic Angel star flacon sparkle with depth, darkness and the tang of red fruits, making for a salivating and supernova-esque experience.

    Here's a picture I found:

    I find it fascinating that they made these "edible perfumes"! I'll be sure to buy some boxes to try them out! Plus, I'll definitely buy some for the women in my life.. come to think of it, quite a few of them are Mugler fangirls so these will be ideal. These would make nice gifts! Something very unique, quirky, different.. I guess that's what Mugler was always about!

    Speaking of buying them, you can purchase them from La Maison du Chocolate for 25 euros if anyone is interested to treat their ladies!

    I just found the link!

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    Default Re: Anyone for some Mugler chocolates?!

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    Default Re: Anyone for some Mugler chocolates?!

    The Celestial Chocolate sounds yummy.
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    Default Re: Anyone for some Mugler chocolates?!

    Never heard of this before. I do not eat candy very often, though I have wanted to try these---Mademoiselle Margaux Chocolate Covered Cherries soaked in armagnac.


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    Default Re: Anyone for some Mugler chocolates?!

    That sounds like a great gift idea! Too bad the chocolate is almost as expensive as the fragrance...
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    Default Re: Anyone for some Mugler chocolates?!

    Could make indeed a good present for both a fragrance and a chocolate enthusiast

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