Hi everyone,

I am a third-year student specializing in organic chemistry in University of Toronto. MY interest towards fragrance is the motivation for me to learn synthetic chemistry in the university. I am interested in ISIPCA'S EFCA program as well as Givaudan Perfumery School training. I am looking for any internship or volunteer opportunities to know more about the industry. Here are my real "beginner level " questions:
-- Is Canada a good place to develop a perfumery carreer? I didn't find many Canadian fragrance companies and the well-known ones like Givaudan or IFF, they even don't have Canadian branch.
-- Are there any suggestion or tips for applying for Givaudan Perfumery School training? Will the internship experience be helpful?
-- Are there any suggestion or tips for applying for ISIPCA'S EFCA program?
-- How is future of perfumery like? Is the demand from the marketing saturated or shrinking (like R&D chemist...)